When Christophe Perrin, a well-known oyster farmer in the Arcachon Basin, was the victim of attempted murder, his three daughters rushed to his bedside. Disabled by his injury, their father could no longer look after “L’Héritage”, the oyster farm which had been in their family for generations. The oldest daughter, Nathalie, would like to sell it, and her younger sister, Marianne, is on her side. However, against all expectations, the youngest daughter, Tessa, refused and decided to take over the business. As she had no experience, she had to prove to her sisters that she was capable of doing so. At the same time, the police were lagging behind in their inquiry, so Tessa and her sisters decided to carry out their own investigation… without suspecting that whatever they discovered might drop a bombshell on their family… 

A film written by Pierre LACAN &Catherine HOFFMANN 
Directed by Laurent DUSSAUX

Produced by Iris STRAUSS
Coproducers CPB Films, 13 Productions
With the participation of France Télévisions, CNC, PROCIREP - société des producteurs, ANGOA.