Discover the wildlife of the french mountains, sea shores and forests and understand the threats and risks these animals endure.

#1 - Threat & Survival... in the forest 

After evoking endangered species in the Alps and off the French coasts, Emma Baus continues her exploration of the man-animal the forest. From Rambouillet to Lorraine, via the vast wooded expanses of the South-West and the North, we accompany a number of emblematic species over several seasons: a squirrel, wild boar, a deer, a tit, and a couple of foxes.

#2 - Threat & Survival... on the beach

For city dwellers drowned in asphalt, the beach is an ultimate horizon. But it is also a meeting place for open sea species. If it is a place of wonder for Man, it is also the scene of conflicts with the animal realm. The intensification of tourism, intensive fishing and even the development of agrofuel has an impact on marine animals. For the second opus in the series, the director pursues her investigation of the conflict between man and animal; this time by exploring emblematic or unknown species of the French littoral (seals, puffins, Mediterranean dolphins, pink flamingos).

#3 - Threat & Survival... in the alps

Far from the hectic pace of human activities, mountains are an ultimate haven for ibex, black grouse, groundhogs or wolves. But nowadays, humans are progressively leaving their mark through winter sports or global warming. Shot in France, Italy and Switzerland, our movie is the story of a life of adapting to the natural environment, but also to a new
predator, Man, for these four emblematic wildlife species in the European Alps. Because; you don't need a rifle to harm mountain wildlife....

A documentary series by Emma Baus. 

Production : Compagnie des Phares et Balises.

National Broadcaster : France 2 - Planète +.