We hear a football stadium song punctuated by drum¬ beats. The cries of the fans rise and fall like the tide, between ebb and flow, encouraging Juventus, the strongest and most well-known Italian football team in the world. A group of people in their fifties watch the match on television. Testone, Dino, Corona, Leo, and Mimmo have been “Ragazzi di stadio”, Juventus supporters for 40 years and are now banned from the stadium, yet they continue supporting their team with the same passion, organising commemorations and processions, and retaining an active role amongst fans. During the 2017-2018 championships, our protagonists tell us what this kop meant for them: a means of escape, a family, and deep down a rite as initiatory as it is archaic and that liberates your instincts. “Ragazzi di Stadio 40 anni dopo” brings us into the social and human complexity of these characters, their time in prison, social exclusion, redemption, and revolt. They are united by a common ground: that of being a football fan. A ritual that gives Testone and his old and young fellow supporters leading roles in good and in bad, of yesterday and today. Thanks to these new testimonies, to archive images from the filmmaker’s previous films, and to the exclusive access to the life stories of this group of ultras, we shall shine light on the more human and realistic aspect of football: the fans.

A film by Daniele Segre


Producers : Cammelli & 13 Productions 
International sales : CPB International