In peoples minds, Jews and Muslims have become the archetype of sworn enemies, of polarized identities leading to an endless conflict. This vision made of misunderstandings and omissions leads to growing hatred on both sides. And yet, if you take a close look at history, you will find that the tension is quite recent, starting merely 150 years ago. From Andalusia to the Ottoman Empire, from Bagdad, Cairo and Djerba, up to Cordoba and Istanbul, Palestine and Israel, the series will delve into 1400 years of this unique relationship, starting with the birth of the Muslim Empire and ending today with the Jewish and Muslim’ diasporas scattered throughout the world.
Narrated in a lively and engaging fashion, the series will highlight how profoundly human the story is. This story will be recounted using graphic animation, archival footage and accounts from international specialists.

Episode 1: THE ORIGINS, 610-721
This documentary is an account of the birth of Islam and its conquest of a territory stretching from Persia to Spain, over a century. What was the place of the millions of non-Muslims in this empire?
The polytheists had no choice but to convert. As for the “People of the Book" — Jews and Christians — they were allowed to continue practicing their religion but became Dhimmis: protected, though subject to certain restrictions.

Episode 2: THE PLACE OF THE OTHERS, 721-1789
In the year 721, the Muslim Empire was vast. Jews and Christians were minorities and their actions motivated by the desire to obtain the best possible status within the Empire. Still, this did not prevent cultural exchanges as we can see with the House of Wisdom in Baghdad. Nor would it prevent the occurrence of tragic events such as the massacre of Jews and Christians of Granada by the Almohads in the eleventh century. In the fifteenth century, the Reconquista chased the Jews and Muslims from Spain and heralded the end of Al-Andalus.

Episode 3: SEPARATION, 1789-1945
Our story takes us to Europe: the French Revolution. Nation-states. The Jews, now European citizens, became the target of a more asserted anti-Semitism. But having incorporated the new national elites, they were taking a greater interest in the fate of the Jews in the Muslim world and began to play the role of their protectors. Trapped between Zionism and Arabic nationalism, Palestine — called “Southern Syria” by the Ottomans — became the object of religious and political contention.

The world discovers the horror of the Nazi camps. In 1948, the birth of Israel aroused anger and bitterness among Arabs and Muslims, but triggered joy and exultation throughout the Jewish world, from New York to Tel Aviv. Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were expelled and fled with the hope of a future return, while over just a few decades, the vast majority of Jews in the Muslim world would be leaving Iraq, Egypt, Iran, Syria, Morocco and Tunisia  — by choice. Or by force. 

Director: Karim Miské
Authors: Karim Miské, Emmanuel Blanchard and Nathalie Mars
Director of animation: Jean-Jacques Prunès
Editorial direction : Sylvie Jézéquel
Editing: Dominique Barbier
Original music: Mathias Duplessy
With the voice of Nathalie Richard

A co-production of Compagnie des Phares et Balises, Arte France, France Télévisions - Corse Viastella, Vivement Lundi ! and Pictanovo.
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Lauriers of radio and television award - Best documentary (2013) 
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