December 2017. A woman, raped by a stranger in her childhood, gets to converse with her offender, 33 years later. 
In France, this unlikely encounter is made possible since 2014 thanks to the enactment of the "Taubira Law", based on restorative justice. 

The little girl who was raped and decides to testify today, it is me, Maiana, the film director. I have decided to meet this man to finally get answers to the questions that have haunted my whole life. Also guided by the hope it might reduce the chance this man would offend again. This encounter is one of the very first ones organized in France. 

Far from being the end, this « Encounter with my aggressor » is only the beginning of this quest, bringing me over the Atlantic Ocean, to French Canada. 
I get to meet other victims and offenders, as well as people who have been pioneers in building this « new justice », in which all the participants have an active role to address past wrongs. 

At the end of this path, I will be ready to make my own choice: keep going and maybe meet « O » a second time, or decide to stop right there. 

A film written by Maiana Bidegain 
Directed by Maiana Bidegain and Sébastien Koegler 

Production: 416 Prod - Mélissa Theuriau
French broadcaster: France 5
International sales: CLPB Rights