Everything seems possible today thanks to AI. But how successful will it be? Whereas more than ever before, technology is a driving force of evolution in our society, that driving force is now running riot. It worries a lot of computer programmers, the very creators of this AI, some of who have even become whistleblowers. It has become urgent to unveil the scientific foundations of "deep learning" and the new "intelligent algorithms" in order to better understand how, more and more often, machines make our decisions.

A film by Jean-Christophe Ribot
Written with Cécile Dumas
Produced by Vincent Gaullier

Look at Sciences production
French broadcaster: Arte
International sales: CLPB Rights


FIPADOC (2022) - National Competition
Pariscience - Festival international du film scientifique (2022) - Scholar selection
Sound and Vision International Film & Technology Festival (2022) - Official selection