Barbara Hannigan’s reputation as a singer is not to be made. For several years already her vocal mastery and her stage presence have brought her applause on the stages of the entire world. However, the Canadian singer has not finished surprising us, as she recently started cultivating a new talent: that of conducting the orchestra. It is this other facet of Barbara Hannigan which has interested Mathieu Amalric. With curiosity and benevolence the actor and director has thus followed her for three days in Amsterdam. At the heart of this portrait are the rehearsals and exchanges of the conductor and the Ludwig ensemble, while preparing the recording of the “Lulu Suite” by Alban Berg for the album “Crazy Girl Crazy”, to be published on September 22 on the label Alpha Classics.  Thanks to this film portrait, for a few minutes we become witnesses to the life of an orchestra. It is also the opportunity to discover the patient work necessary to achieve harmony.



Director: Mathieu Amalric
Image: Lucie Baudinaud
Sound: Guido Tichelman
Film editor: Vanessa Bozza

Producer: Camera Lucida Productions (François Bertrand & Jean-Stéphane Michaux)
First broadcaster: Arte


© Camera Lucida Productions - 2017