Revealed at last, this is the story of one of the greatest French authors of the 20th century. A writer who, in a world wary of ideology, finally achieved the position he was due and the respect of those who prefer justice and truth to dogma and extremism. In conjunction with Olivier Todd, the author of ´Camus & A Life´, the film discusses both Camus´ life, his work, his travels and his private life. We chose our guides from his closest circle of friends and in particular, the women who loved him. Each of them talks directly to the camera, enabling us to relive the past with them. We concentrate on three works, perhaps the most significant: The Outsider, The Fall and The First Man, which structure the film´s three chapters of the absurd, revolt and happiness. We visited the places they were created & Algeria, Paris, and Provence. Through his letters and the thoughts of his closest friends, ´Albert Camus: a combat against the absurd´ highlights the formidable personal journey which was Albert Camus´ life.

Directed by James Kent
Based on "Albert Camus - a life" by Olivier Todd (ed. Gallimard)
Produced by Pascale Lamche
Photography by David Bennett
Original music by David Ferguson
Documentation by Serge Garcin

A co-production of La Sept ARTE, BBC and Cie des Phares & Balises
With the participation of the Centre national de la Cinématographie
With the support of PROCIREP and the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research

National Broadcaster : ARTE France & BBC 

International Sales :
France 3 Via Stella
Globosat Brazil
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