"A foster child's story" is the portrait of Yanie, 14 years old.
At the time of entering adolescence, Yanie is faced with an uprooting. His foster parents, who have cared for him since he was two, are retiring. The Social Services believe that his mother, Virginie, in rehabilitation after a prison sentence, can’t get him back yet. His father is serving a 3 year prison sentence. So Yanie will enter into a new family, begin a new life with strangers. At the age of 14 he has to start from scratch, with the risk of ending up in a children’s home, if things don’t work out. It’s another test, added to all the others, perhaps also a chance to break with the old models cluttering up his life.
The film attempts to capture that moment called resilience, when an adolescent chooses - or not - to construct himself against all the odds of his life story.

A film by Ketty Rios Palma
Written by Ketty Rios Palma and Magali Bloch

Co-producers: 416Prod, ARTE France
International Sales : CPB International 

© 416 - ARTE France - 2017