The moon is far from having revealed all its secrets. A new and so-far discreet player is changing the game: China. Its programme to explore the far side of the moon is a considerable breakthrough that redefines the conquest of space around the world. In the company of physicist Christophe Galfard, the film takes us on a fascinating scientific mission to better understand the challenges of this research and what is being played out for the future.

A film directed by François-Xavier Vives
With the participation of Christophe Galfard

Co-produced by CPB Films, Camera Lucida productions, China Media Group, NHK
With the participation of the CNC
In partnership with the CNES (The National Centre for Space Studies)
With the participation of Radio Canada, RSI, Canal + Pologne, SVT and of France Télévisions
French Broadcaster: France 5
International sales: CLPB Rights